March 10, 2011


Snark Mark

Alright, friends.  How many of you are sick and tired of texting like a tween?  Don't we need punctuation to take the place of that juvenile winky emoticon?  I think so & I'm starting the movement today.  Today we mark the birth of the Snark Mark ~s.  Doesn't that feel better?  More adult?  More... sophisticated?  I'm pretty sarcastic in real life.  I have a dry sense of humor as most Aspies do, but that makes it easy to offend people.  It's so easy these days to shoot off an especially witty email or text only to discover the recipient did not get the humor.  This is where the Snark Mark will come in handy.  Well, once everyone knows about it, that is.  Imagine being able to type, "I love Ryan Seacrest ~s"  and not have everyone thinking you have a thing for pint sized power people?  It's the wave of the future!  It's bigger than the Beatles!  I mean, it could be - just pass it along.


  1. I wouldn't have a need for this because I am never ever sarcastic ~s

  2. Ha! Ha! I hardly ever text and I'm NEVER sarcastic...ever! ~s

  3. I just googled "snark mark" and saw that someone else had come up with a snark mark. Guess what? It was a caret. Just this ^. Doesn't that already have a function?

  4. I know I just stumbled across this, but a few comments.

    @angi: yes, ^ means a missing word or phrase.

    @author: I like your ~s for digital communication, but there is already a "snark mark" to indicate irony or a second meaning. It's the mirrored question mark. It can be made in Windows by pressing Alt + 1567.


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